About Moylan LLC

Dr. Bruce Moylan poses with his rifle.

As an avid shooting enthusiast and reloader, Dr. Moylan is bringing those ideas all shooters have encountered on the firing line when they say, “Why doesn’t someone do this?” It is our passion to increase the fun factor at the range and during training. We produce products for Americans by Americans, and therefore all of our products and components are made in the USA!

Our Mission

Moylan LLC was founded by Dr. Bruce Moylan in order to bring his passion for Ammunition, fueled from more than 30 years of experience as a research scientist in both government and industry, to the shooting community. By bringing his analysis, testing, and design expertise to the ammunition business, we are able to apply innovative tools and insights into making superior and unique ammunition solutions to the shooting industry.

Moylan LLC brings Engineered Performance to the ammunition industry by supplying unique ammunition alternatives to the shooting public. Our motto highlights that we bring the experience and approaches of the aerospace industry that develops innovative products for our nation’s warfighter, to the American consumer. Our passion for combustion, hypersonic projectiles, ballistics, testing, and manufacturing are infused into all of Our Products.

What Makes Our Ammo Unique?

At Moylan LLC, we produce ammunition that isn’t like most of the ammunition available to the public. Each caliber we offer has something that sets it apart from the ammunition you find at your local store. Our focus is creating purpose-driven, quality products for the American shooter. We hope that you will agree that our ammunition is extraordinary.