Ballistic Testing

Moylan LLC Test Capabilities

  • Internal ballistic testing of both pistol and rifle ammunition
  • Full SPL characterization of suppressors with FFT analysis
  • RANSOM rest testing
  • Armor piercing characterization

Here at Moylan LLC, we are customer focused on delivering superior testing services to our clients. Bringing our extensive background of testing at many of the nation’s premier DoD and NASA testing facilities, we can provide services and support that goes beyond what most standard companies offer. At Moylan LLC, we think outside the box to provide all of the data that you need, and some that you don’t know you need.

Dr. Moylan has developed new and innovative testing approaches, facilities, and protocols for much of our nations aerothermal and supersonic impact test facilities. In addition, Dr. Moylan is involved in developing, fabricating, and managing the construction of a groundbreaking Scramjet test facility, and spearheading the upgrading and expansion to our Nation’s premier high-speed impact test facilities. It is leveraging this experience and history that sets Moylan LLC apart, and that provides enables each and every client to explore the realm of the possible to develop innovative products.

It is the view of Moylan LLC that if you want to have a competitive edge over your competition, that you need to go beyond what is typically done. This is the passion that fuels our innovative ammunition products, and what we can help your company develop.  We do both standard testing to support product acceptance in the industry, and innovative testing approaches.

Moylan LLC owns and operates a 35-yard pistol range, and a 100-yard rifle range. These ranges are supported with a fully articulated universal receiver capable of testing calibers ranging from 22 LR to 50 BMG. We maintain a full range of instrumentation to include multiple PCB sensors, Oehler electronics, Tektronix oscilloscopes, charge amplifiers, and microphones for suppressor testing.

Because our test facility is located at our production plant, we are able to utilize our loading equipment to support parametric testing of ammunition and firearms products. This flexibility enables your testing to quickly move from concept to production.

If you have a testing need that is not listed, please contact us. We are customer focused and thinking outside the box is our passion.  If we can test your equipment safely, we are up for the challenge.