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Cheaper Shipping for Large Orders

Hey everyone,

We know that no one likes to get a good deal on ammo, only to see how expensive it is to ship it. Ammunition is heavy and shipping costs can be high! But, at Moylan LLC, we put customers first and we want to help keep ammo affordable. Today, we’re starting a new flat rate shipping program to be sure that our customers pay as little for shipping as possible.

The first aspect of this program is that all ammo crates ship for free!

Second, if you’re ordering individual boxes, then the shipping costs are based on quantity — up to 10 boxes:

  • 5 boxes or less
    • $10 flat rate or the shipping costs as normally calculated for UPS — whichever is cheaper*
  • 6-9 boxes
    • $5 flat rate
  • 10 boxes
    • free shipping!

* If your shipping costs are less than $10, you get the cheaper option. More, and Moylan LLC will pay the difference!

So, the effective price of the ammunition decreases with the amount you buy. Simple supply-side economics. The more you ask me to supply, the more you can demand a better deal. This same information is now included in our Shipping Policy.

Finally, to keep getting even better deals, please sign up for our email list on the homepage. We will be sending out specials to our loyal customers, and even announcing free ammo giveaways. Also join us on Instagram, Twitter, and friend us on Facebook.

God bless, and hope to see you at the range some day shooting Moylan LLC Ammunition.

2 thoughts on “Cheaper Shipping for Large Orders

  1. Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

    1. Thanks. Tell all your friends. I will be posting more soon. The next topic will likely be ballistics testing of suppressed weapons! Stay tuned

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