Firearm News, January 2017, Volume 71, Issue 3
Original article is printed on bottom of page 8.

“It’s an extremely safe bet to say that Moylan Ammu-nition has more brainpower behind it than any other ammunition company, large or small. Molyan is a small company based in Cullman, Ala., and is headed by Dr. Bruce Moylan, a retired 30-year Army veteran and get this, a hypersonic missile expert. That’s what rocket scientists aspire to be when they grow up. He works for several government agencies in developing all kinds of hypersonic missiles. A lot of his work is classified, but somehow there are videos online about these new weapon systems. When Moylan says hypersonic, he means that the average .308 bullet, which travels at roughly Mach 2.4 (2,700 fps), is crawling. Hypersonic means about Mach 20, or 22,000 fps. But what does all this mean to a company that—at the moment—makes slow-traveling .38 Special and .45 Colt bullets? Everything. On Moylan’s engineering team are a chemist who used to work for Alliant Powder, aerodynamics engineers, guidance and control guys who look into exterior ballistics as well as retired Spec Ops guys. All are part of his advisory team, and help to create a superb product.”

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