45 Long Colt – 50 Round Box


45 Colt ammunition specifically formulated for the Taurus Judge and Smith and Wesson Governor revolvers! It is quality manufactured with full metal jacket bullets to eliminate vaporized lead and copper removing powder to reduce barrel fouling.

Box contains 50 rounds. Additional shipping charges will apply for orders over 10 boxes. See Shipping Policy for details.

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High quality 45 colt ammunition at a significant discount. Like our other ammo, these bullets are newly manufactured and use copper erasing gun powders that reduce copper fouling of the barrels. Also, we load them with total metal jackets which is rather rare in this cartridge. Each round is hand inspected and chamber checked for outstanding quality. When it comes to this ammo, our motto is “Why should you pay more for lead bullets”?

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Dimensions 8.875 x 6.5 x 6.25 in


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